Rojan Sarfraz Asia Trading Company

Human beings have long been looking for ways to rejuvenate and maintain their skin, and one of the most extensive and easiest ways to meet this need has been to use topical products and creams to prevent and treat skin problems.

The increasing need for these products has led to the growth of low-quality and sometimes fraudulent products that are abundant in many dealers. With the belief that we can deliver high quality products directly from the production site to the domestic consumer, we have set up a Roujan Trading Company.


Believing that dermatologists approved worms have been made available directly to our compatriots by the best European factories without direct intervention. This will reduce the number of intermediaries in many neighboring countries and reduce costs for consumers while reducing product arrival time from the factory to the pharmacy and keeping them in different warehouses and customs, and reducing the quality of goods at the time of consumption. Preserved. Therefore, Roujan Sarfraz Asia Company was founded by a group of specialist physicians in 1390 with the aim of providing health services to the general public while respecting human dignity and the Charter of Consumer Rights.

The company has designed different products with different functions for different ages and types of skin to look beautiful and youthful. With the advice of respected skin care professionals, the right choice is made according to individual problems and the best results will be achieved in the shortest time. .